Elder Emeriti

Elder Emeritus status is given to those Elders who have a proven track record of Leadership and Faith as an Elder in the Congregation.

The Elders nominate a long serving Elder to become an Elder Emeritus, and they retain that status for life!

John Cain*- 1968

Roy A. Cox*- 1998

Russel L. Efker*- 2002

Ward Dennis*- 2004

George Morgan*- 2005

Dorice Perkins- 2007

Patricia Aldridge*- 2007

Helen Morgan- 2009

John Newby*- 2012

Marilyn Strong- 2012


Those names denoted with a “*” indicates that the individual has passed away.


The Elders of First Christian Church are the Spiritual Leadership of the congregation. They are responsible for leading the ministries of the church as well as leading in worship at the communion table.

Cliff Thompson, Elder

Roger Byrd, Elder


Dave Lombard, Elder


Dorice Perkins, Elder Emeritus


Karen Powers, Elder

Sharon Amburgy, Elder

Matt Lyons, Elder

Guy Stone, Elder

Marilyn Stong, Elder Emeritus

Helen Morgan, Elder Emeritis


First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)