Something to Chew On, LXII

This is my final rendering to you of “From My Plate to Your Plate”. First, I thank all of you for the warm farewells, cards, and wishes for my future. I am also grateful for the very generous retirement gift that you shared with me. It was deeply appreciated and shall be put aside for some special desires as they come to mind.

I also thank all of those brave men who drove through the driving rains on Saturday, so that they could be in Bethany, Illinois to pick up all of Pastor Tracy’s goods and to assist with helping her to move into her new apartment in downtown Middletown.

Since this is the end of my third interim and the longest interim that I have held, I am prayerfully considering this to really be a retirement. Other opportunities for ministry may come along and I will always be available for pulpit supply as needed.

In the meantime, you are beginning a new day, embracing a fresh opportunity, and launching a new ministry with Pastor Tracy Siegman. Introduce yourselves and share your love and friendship with her as you have shared your love and friendship with me.

I shall be in prayer for you and for First Christian as this ministry not only begins, but continues to grow and flourish.