Tracy Talks VIII

I share with you this recent update and prayer from Week of Compassion about Hurricane
Harvey and their response thanks to our Week of Compassion offering.
Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas Friday night as a category 4 hurricane, causing
flooding and structural damage in towns along the coast. The mayor of Rockport, where the
eye of the hurricane crossed, has reported “widespread devastation.” Hundreds of thousands
are without power, and may last for days. President Trump has issued a federal disaster
declaration for the state, and Texas Governor Abbott has named 50 counties in a state
disaster declaration.

Winds have weakened since landfall and the hurricane has been downgraded to a tropical
storm. The primary concern right now is flooding within the week as heavy rainfall of three feet
or more is expected. Water levels in bayous, reservoirs, and waterways are already rising. At
least 2 tornadoes have also been reported south and west of Houston, damaging multiple
business and approximately 50 homes. Several other tornado warnings continue. The Dallas
Convention Center will be welcoming 5,000 Gulf Coast residents this Tuesday.
Week of Compassion will continue to monitor the storm and reach out to Disciples
communities and partners. If you visit the Week of Compassion Facebook page, you can get
regular updates about the work they are doing with area partners. One post includes a video
from Rev. Elizabeth Grasham and the scene outside her home. The situation is severe and
still developing.
If you are interested in helping, the best immediate response from afar is three-fold: pray, stay,
and donate.
Pray. Keep the people who are in the path of the storms, the rescuers and first
responders who will be working on the ground in your prayers as the storm continue into the
next few days.
Stay put. Out of concern and a desire to be useful, you may want to go and help. Now
is not the time! The situation is dangerous and is ongoing. Volunteers at this time put

themselves at risk and create additional challenges for rescue and emergency crews.
Volunteer opportunities will come later for clean-up and long-term recovery.
Donate. You can donate at and designate US
Storms where 100% of your gifts will go to help communities rebuild after storms such as
Hurricane Harvey. No administrative fees will be withheld from your donation.

God of Noah’s rain and the psalmist’s morning dew; Jesus, our water-walker and storm-stiller;
Spirit of mighty wind and word who moves the tides of creation’s seas and the hearts of those
drenched in baptismal waters: Protect those in Hurricane Harvey’s path. Provide comfort to
those who suffer loss. Grant safety and courage to those who respond to survivors. Sustain
all our hearts with compassion for our neighbors and with hope of days filled with sunshine and
gentle breezes. Amen.

First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)