Cliff Thompson, Chairman of Elders





Cliff has been a member of FCC for more than 20 years, and has served as Deacon, Elder, Vice-Moderator, Men’s Ministries Chair, Property Committee Chair, and Leader of the A/V Team. Cliff currently Serves as Chairman of the Elders, As such he is responsible for the Leadership of the Elders in Visitation and Worship. Cliff is married to His wife Karen, and has Two Children Connor and Kaitlin.


The Elders of First Christian Church are the Spiritual Leadership of the congregation. They are responsible for leading the ministries of the church as well as leading in worship at the communion table.



Rodger Byrd









David Lombard





Dorice Perkins






Karen Powers








Martin Schaefer


   Matt Lyons

 Sharon Amburgey

 Guy Stone


Church Board

The Church Board is responsible for operations of the church and decides and acts upon any regular church business.


Larry Chamberlain, Board Moderator

Roger Byrd, Vice Moderator

Lora Schueller, Christian Education Committee Chair

Sharon Amburgey, Outreach Committee Chair

Brenda Gulley, Worship Committee Chair

Paulette McCandless, Wills, Gifts, &Memorials Committee Chair

Martin Schaefer, Finance/Stewardship Committee Chair

Marilyn Chamberlain, Treasurer 

Marilyn Chamberlain, Christian Womens Fellowship President

Tim Hendricks, Heather Lyons, Deacon Co-Chairs

Crystal Watson, Membership & Evangelism Committee Chair

Cliff Thompson, Property Committee Chair

Larry Steele, Trustees chair

Donald Dixon, Historian

Matt Lyons, Men’s Ministry Chair