Ash Wednesday

Join us February 14th at 7:00 p.m.

we will have our Ash Wednesday service and begin the season of Lent

Souper Bowl Feb. 4th

Join Us Sunday February 4th

Following Worship we will have our Souper Bowl Sunday Contest

Feel free to bring a pot or crock pot to share, and an appetite.

Pastor’s Class

Pastor Tracy will be starting a Pastor’s
class after the first of the year for the
youth. This is for youth who have been
baptized but have not done Pastor’s
class and for youth who are considering
baptism. They will be meeting every
other Sunday beginning 1/14/18:
1/14/18, 1/28/18, 2/11/18, 2/25/18,
3/11/18 and 3/25/18. They will meet at
9:30 am during the Sunday school hour
before church. Elder Martin Schaefer
will co-teach the class with Pastor
Tracy. If you have not already talked to
her about your youth participating in
the class, please do so ASAP. As Easter
approaches, she will have more details
about baptisms for those who choose
to be baptized after the class.

Please pray over the coming months
for the following who will be
participating in Pastor’s class: Cameron
Fowler, Aiden McMonigle, Owen Lyons,
Nick Otis, Angel Dearth, Travis
Hendricks and Riley McMonigle. These
youth, Martin and Pastor Tracy need
your prayers through these classes. It
is an important time for the youth to
learn and prepare for a new chapter in
their faith story.

Outreach News

We would like to send out a huge thank you to all who contributed
to our Outreach projects this year. The food, gifts for children,
monetary donations, help with shopping and gift wrapping allowed
us to help many individuals and families. We received special gifts
for our Hat and Mitten Tree and would like to say thank you to
Joann Grimes for the beautiful handmade hats. Families will be
picking up their food boxes and gifts this Thursday and what a
blessing it is to be able to add some joy to their lives. Thank you
for making this possible!

We became aware of the plea for assistance for the Middletown
family of nine children who recently lost their mother. Outreach
responded with a $200 contribution into the account established
for the family.

Another way to give of ourselves is to volunteer to help with
SHALOM. We are still in need of help with meals, the time slot
from 7 to 10 pm and overnight. If you would like to share your gift
of time with individuals who are very appreciative of all that we
offer, this is a great opportunity. We have a sign-up sheet in the
narthex or you may contact Linda Poynter or Sharon Amburgey if
you have questions. We can partner you with someone who has
experience in this service.

The dates we serve are January 1, 3 and 5. The dates of our
second week include January 29, 31 and February 2, 2018. Thank
you for being a blessing!!!

Central Academy Week of Giving

On Wednesday December 20th, we had students from our neighbor Central Academy come to join us in preparing for Christmas eve services, they helped assemble luminaries, and prepare candles for candlelight service among many other things.


This is part of Central Academy’s 12th Week of Giving where the School sends students to organizations in town, to teach them the importance of volunteering in your community.


Elder Emeriti

Elder Emeritus status is given to those Elders who have a proven track record of Leadership and Faith as an Elder in the Congregation.

The Elders nominate a long serving Elder to become an Elder Emeritus, and they retain that status for life!

John Cain*- 1968

Roy A. Cox*- 1998

Russel L. Efker*- 2002

Ward Dennis*- 2004

George Morgan*- 2005

Dorice Perkins- 2007

Patricia Aldridge*- 2007

Helen Morgan- 2009

John Newby*- 2012

Marilyn Strong- 2012


Those names denoted with a “*” indicates that the individual has passed away.

Day Ten

Tomorrow is the tenth day of Advent.

Sing Christmas carols at the top pf your lungs in the shower, in your car or while you’re walking down the street.

Day Nine

Tomorrow is the ninth day of advent.

Give handmade thank you notes to your mail carrier and garbadge collectors.

You may need to plan ahead for this one if your garbage dosen’t come on Monday.

Day Eight

Tomorrow is the eigth day of Advent. Light two candles.

Meditate: Peace looked down and saw war. “I will go there,” said Peace.

Read Isaiah 11:1-10.

Pray: God, pour out your peacce so that the wolf may lie down with the lamb, and no one will hunt or destroy on your holy mountain ever again.

We will light the candle of Peace during service tomorrow if you’d like for that candle lighting to be your day’s devotion.

Day Seven

Tomorrow is the seventh day of Advent.

Leave Quarters in every gumball machine you see on your errands today.

You might consider gumall machines, games, rides or vending machines.

First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)